Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting better

Well, between the URI virus and the hormones, this has been a very rough week. Definitely not low carb some days, too much orange juice wasneeded for the desperate attempt to fend off the virulent virus I caught.  Very little energy to even do basic walking, what with the achey-ness of it all.  My poor dog has been so shortchanged. I could barely get off the couch on my days off and slept some nights for 12 hours straight! Friday at work I was able to fast until about 3:30, which gave me renewed hope. Today I ate better, and am starting to really turn the corner with the illness thing. I even made some of my own homemade coconut energy bars. And I took some venison steaks out of the freezer to do up some cooking tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow I am sure I will feel well enough to make a HUGE effort at exercise. I can't believe how much I missed it this week, but every time I attempted to go downstairs to the basement to work out, I felt so tired just from the effort of the stairs, not much got done. I moved some 15lb dumbells across the room and my arms ached. I wonder if I just succumbed to the flu for the first time in my life?

I am hoping to do 2-3 circuits of the Primal bodyweight workouts, followed by the sprint tomorrow.  Later before work I will walk the dog at least 45 minutes.  I have Monday off, so I will write again then. I hope to do some rollerblading (fun and slow movement) now that the leaves are starting to change at our great park "Onondaga Lake Park" with the miles and miles of paved trails good for blading.  I will try to include some good pictures, as it really is a very nice park and I enjoy when I take the time to go there.

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