Saturday, September 4, 2010

Checking in

Well the fact that I was too tired last night to comment on my training at crossfit dewitt speaks of the workout Liz had me do! For such a petite, friendly sweet girl, I didn't expect such a tough training. I left there feeling very alive. And when I felt that way, I wondered, have I really been living life lately, or just coasting and going through the motions?

The more I thought about it, the more it made me think about my beliefs about how my life should be lived. For instance, I feel like I have been fed a constant diet of life advice consisting of:
"Take it easy"
"Don't over do it"
"Stress is really bad for you"
"Pace yourself"
Stuff like that. And have heard that coming from my own mouth as well. No wonder I am left some days feeling like "Is this all there is?" or  worse "I have turned into my parents"

I remember feeling a lot more passionate about life when I was younger. And I am certainly not wishing for the emotional roller coaster that was my teens and twenty's.  But I feel like at least on a physical level I still crave that ability to be very fit and be able to participate in more extreme forms of exercise than "walking is really good for you". Not that I don't enjoy a lovely walk outdoors, but it just isn't feeding that deeper need to challenge myself.  And I think I was deep down feeling like that just wasn't achievable for me,  once you are as old as I am (42). Like it was too late. And I certainly have had people close to me in my life more or less telling me that also, that I shouldn't aim so high given my age. (you would think I was 72!)

Its funny how you feel like something is missing, and then sometimes you just hit on it almost on accident. Like the lovely feeling I had Friday after really pushing through a workout.  The way trees looked greener and the sky looked bluer. And the primal dinner I cooked on the grill tasted that much better. And the time spent with my family felt just perfect. It was a great day!

I need to convince no one but myself that extreme fitness is more than achievable, it is a perfect goal for me to aim toward. And I think having some training in doing this properly so that I do not have to suffer injury is simply smart, as I really don't want to waste any more time.

I am looking forward to the 30 day challenge and to my MovNat clinic in Toronto next weekend.

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