Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awesome Primal weekend!

Well, it was just an amazing weekend with my husband...
We rented a cabin at a great NYS Park-Letchworth. I was only there one time many years ago for a day trip but I don't think I ever saw anything more than the northern portion, I completely missed all of the waterfalls, and something like 99% of the trails. When my husband and I first got married, we used to spend a lot of summer nights camping. We were both still in school and didn't have a lot of money, and we had a great tent. Over the years we have camped less and less. We actually haven't camped out in a few years now. My husband's Fishing Charter Business  eats up most of his free time in the summer. And honestly I have lost my drive to stay in a wet tent! But I really miss being outdoors for extended periods with my husband. Renting a cabin was a great way to get back into it. And very nice to reconnect now that Salmon fishing is done for the year. I mean, we are about to go right into hunting season, and we do spend a lot of time on the same property outdoors, but not together. This camping trip was was well worth the drive and cost to enjoy this particular State Park.  There is nothing better than sitting outdoors under the stars with someone you love, watching the campfire.
The next day, after making breakfast (which was organic free range eggs cooked in bacon grease, and pork from the Amish),  we hiked for several hours, winding up at a fine dining restaurant right in the park. The building looked like an old home, and the plaque stated that "William Pryor Letchworth" donated this house and estate, which included the 3 waterfalls, in 1907. God bless people like that who offer up such amazing property so thousands of people can enjoy it. I think there are other beautiful waterfall state parks that came into being the same way. Anyway at the restaurant I ordered the smoked Rainbow Trout, and it was delicious. Also I had the french onion soup without the bread. Which is probably borderline Primal but very tasty. We wound up coming home Saturday night instead of Sunday, we had to get the dog and also I still have the sinus thing going on and just wanted to be home. We were actually exhausted from all of the hiking and fresh air!
Today is Sunday, and we were out on Lake Ontario at Fairhaven State Park. We attempted to but did not catch any perch for dinner! Instead, we got really cold and windburned. We came home and ate some wild caught yellow fin tuna for dinner, which I got at  Wegmans. I think Wegmans is a great grocery store and I may have mentioned it before. They offer a large section of natural foods and the produce is mainly from local farms and local organic farms when possible. I have enjoyed watching the natural food section get bigger and bigger as more people catch on to the idea of eating more healthfully.
I thought I would have some time to do some heavy lifting today, but now I am not sure. Lugging wood off and on yesterday may need to count, at least it was functional lifting, and for such a great time.  We did spend time practicing target shooting with our bows, definitely primal stuff. I found out I am working opening day of bow season, which stinks. I wonder if my husband will get anything that day? I will have to keep you posted...

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