Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primal Blogging

OK, so apparently I suck at blogging. I just don't know really what to post and/or am really busy and don't really have time to do this sort of thing daily.

Monday I had an excellent primal blueprint basic movement workout, with some slow moving added in. I knew it would be a tough work week so I did probably 1 1/2 hrs of slow cardio. I also did some primal cooking. I used a recipe to make my own paleo bars. I used organic coconut oil, organic creamed coconut, and instead of using a food processor on my almonds I just used some almond meal I had already around the house. They turned out OK, but I think I would mix up the ingredients a little next time. There is definitely something missing. Also I made some primal meatballs with ground venison, ground pork butt and almond meal. With some italian seasonings mixed in and browned in olive oil. Those also were OK but not spectacular. I clearly need to work on my recipe collection.

I did intermittent fasting on Tuesday, while I was at work. I worked a 12 hr shift so I skipped breakfast and lunch, and had an early dinner about 4pm. Home chores kept me from any activity when I got home. Today I worked 12 hrs again, and again I will on Thursday. Dreadful schedule. It is putting a damper on my life and my abiliy to enjoy this primal challenge. I plan on doing the intermittent fasting again on Friday, just until dinner. I lost about 2-3lbs since I started this last week. I will continue to post on how this is working out.
I still have some trepidation about possibly screwing up my metabolism, and I really don't want to get obsessive about food and "dieting" again, ever! I would rather have the higher body fat! That was a terrible way to live, but I would like to see how my body enjoys eating, living, working out, and playing primally!

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