Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Primal challenge 1/2 way point

Well, I was feeling so intensely challenged in the beginning, sure I would have no trouble sticking with the exercises and Primal eating. Yesterday was what feels like a disaster to me. I have had a lot of female hormone issues off and on in my life. Yesterday was definitely "on". Tuesdays and Fridays are the days I determined to do my intermittent fasting: no food until dinner. My intense hunger yesterday was demanding I eat by 10am. I started with almonds, had lunch at 11:30-pork roast and leftover roasted butternut squash with red onions. By 2 I felt like I was starving to death?!? I had blueberries, a banana, a small salad with grilled chicken and some crappy southwestern dressing (from the cafeteria at work) AND a small bag of Lays potato chips. WTF? Oh, and 3 of those small containers of cream cheese. Yikes. The carb content alone was too much, coupled with the poor fats intake. I felt icky. I hope I connect with a Grok Girl who has found a solution to the bossy female hormones that demand eating as a relief.

Later that evening I got some redemption by  having a nice piece of salmon and rainbow chard cooked in olive oil and garlic. When I got home, the homemade coconut bars were calling me from the freezer, so I had several of them also! I think overall I ate enough calories for the week! I did not even dare to count them up.

Today is a new day. It is 7am here, and I intend to take back the control. I will have heavy lifting, and also some moving slowly today. I have been having a difficult time balancing the movement part of Primal Blueprint Challenge as well. Last week I worked 3 12 hr shifts back to back. I was exhausted, and only got a few short walks in, and I even tried to walk up the 9 flights of stairs in the mornings to my job, just to have some movement beyond what I do at work (nursing). Then it seems like I try to pack the plan in the day or two I have off. I am not really sure how to do this any differently. Right now I just finished 2 more days of 12 hr shifts back to back. I have 2 days off now and am coming down with an upper respiratory virus, which my poor hubby has had for days. I want to be aggressive in catching up with the movement, but I  also don't want to get as sick as my hubby was. I generally don't because I take it easy and take echinacea and vit C and things, plus I think my immune system is generally stronger from all the exposure to germs at work. 

I intend also to pick up the fasting today, and maybe I will do Friday or Saturday as well. Friday may be too soon but Saturday will be very difficult, as I work 3-11 and will be home all day with the family. One day this week may be all I am capable of. Right now I still feel stuffed from yesterday, and I know if I do exercise that will decrease my appetite for a few hours. Then I will probably sleep this afternoon for a while, because of the whole virus thing.. Time will tell if this is a feasable plan for the day. Right now my Primal workout buddy Rocky, is begging for a long walk in the park. A good place to start, I think.

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