Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Primal Fast

So, I have this intense dislike of dieting in any form, having completely screwed up my metabolism and brain chemistry from poor diet and even more poor dieting. I have recovered from basically eating disorder land, for years now and have not had any issues with food since getting off the gluten and sugar.

I read in "The Primal Blueprint" about intermittent fasting, but really felt like this was not a can of worms I was interested in trying. I am seriously worried about destroying my healthy metabolism. That said, I have plateaued with my weight and am really not as lean as I would like to be. I am following a healthy amount and type of exercise, but I know I am not creating any kind of calorie deficit, even though I may indeed be hitting the low carb goal.

I recently read another blog, http://fitnessblackbook.com which explained the fasting a little clearer to me and I actually felt like it may be OK to give a try. It makes more sense to me to occasionally miss a meal, than to obsessively count carbs, calories or anything like weighing and measuring. I just get too mentally freaked out by that.

So today was my first attempt at a fast, I nearly gave up about 2 pm when I was really, really, wanting just about anything to eat. I held off till dinner and had a great primal meal: chicken, salad with homemade organic ranch, and steamed broccoli with butter. Also later some almonds, some almond butter, and an organic pear off my tree! Delish!

Looking forward to the next 29 days of the Primal Challenge. I will attempt another fast on Friday. I am not sure when I may have time to blog again. Hopefully tomorrow evening, but after that not until Sunday. 

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