Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 3

Well, hello again.

Today was a great day, I had it off work and it was a scorcher outside. I had to get up early because I had promised my dog Rocky (AKA Primal Workout Buddy) an extra long walk. This is the guy who likes to take off and be chased. 

I had a great primal breakfast: a 6 egg white omelette with fresh steamed broccoli from my garden, with some goat feta tossed in. Also a small bowl of guac with fresh cherry tomatoes (also from the garden) and some organic sour cream.

I had a meeting at noon and then my appointment with Liz, the personal trainer intern at Crossfit. She took me through the first part of the fundamentals, and then thoroughly kicked my ass with their WOD.  Funny, she had me do this warmup first, and my comment to her was "This warmup is really more like my entire workout!" and her reply? "We actually have a bumper sticker that says that: your workout is our warmup!" Hysterical. If I get into it, I may have to buy that bumper sticker.

So from there, all sweaty, I stopped by my all time favorite grocery store, Wegmans. Since it was 95 out by then, I didn't feel out of place, everyone walking from their car to the store looked sweaty. Wegmans can be credited with really bringing "real food" back to the Syracuse area. They are actually based out of Rochester, but have a long standing partnership with most local farms, and this time of year, their produce is fantastic! They claim to get daily shipments, and they have tons of organic choices as well.  They also were the first local mainstream store to have a large "natural foods" section, where one can find many supplements, organic products and hard to find items (today I found organic creamed coconut, which I am going to use in making my own protein bars).

Finally home with my great produce,  I made "Utica greens" from beet greens, cherry peppers, fresh garlic and olive oil. Also a large salad and a huge piece of Lake Ontario Salmon, courtesy of my husband.One thing I really don't seem to be able to pass on is ranch dressing. I really like it and justify it by saying that olive oil really isn't primal either, nor is vinegar. I looked at some homemade recipes, but I think I will wait until my "Marie's" is gone before I go crazy in the kitchen again. 

Tonite on MDA, I saw the official notice of the Primal challenge. I have been mis-naming it! It actually is called The Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge. I am quite excited and if I could lay of the almond butter I am eating while I type this, I may have a chance at really changing the few remaining "trouble spots" on my body and get lean, as I once was so many moons ago...

I am working 12 hrs tomorrow, day of rest for working out, but of course I made enough extra food for dinner tonite to bring my lunch. My food rarely strays from primal, but my workouts could be a bit more challenging. Crossfit definitely pushed me today. I will repost after my next workout with Liz on Friday.

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