Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Preparation

So, I renewed my Sportsman plus Bowhunting license for the fall. I have to get the targets down from the upstairs of the barn today so I can start practicing with the bow again. I received both of my DMP's (Deer Management Permit AKA doe tags) for the area I selected. Which is good because for some reason I rarely see a buck, but have quite a few doe come beneath my treestand.  I personally think they make for better eating anyway, and I am not really hunting for the "trophy" aspect, but mainly because I love venison and I feel like it is a wholesome way to spend time with my family.

I enjoy bowhunting so much more than shotgun season. For one thing, it just isn't as cold. It is harder than you would think to sit perfectly still while it is freezing out. I tend to fidget, but fortunately have good range and aim with my shotgun, because the deer just won't come near you when there is that much movement. Bowhunting also for some reason makes me feel more connected to nature and historical hunting. I realize that my compound bow has nothing in common with what primal mankind used for hunting, but I still get a peaceful "right" feeling when I am sitting with my bow ready. 

We still have venison in the freezer, as a matter of fact I just made a large pot of venison tenderloin carne asada.   I had some for breakfast today with raw carrots and an organic pear from my yard. I am having it again for dinner, it was so good. It will be nice to have fresh venison, though, and I always feel better knowing I am well stocked with healthy, nutritious meat for the year.

I spent 1 1/2 hrs rollerblading this morning, for my "move slowly" activity. I think it also counts as play. Tomorrow I have an appointment at Crossfit Dewitt to have a personal trainer take me through the "fundamentals". I would like to have the option of going there, even once a week, rather than always working out alone. I attended one of their workouts a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. Also they have the ability to assist with the pullup issue of mine, being that I don't have a bar of my own. I actually purchased a door one, but my husband said they don't work in an older house with lathe and plaster, it will just ruin the wall. So I returned it. 

Now I am off to see what if anything is left to harvest in the organic garden, and to prep for bowhunting.

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